Winner of the Audience Award and Runner Up for Best Play at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival (New York City)!


Based on a true story of a young lesbian who fled Uganda to escape death at the hands of her own family, Asylum is a dramatic recount of one woman's journey through tender moments of exploration and self-definition to a horrific series of consequential events; a vivid display of extraordinary courage and an unyielding will to live.

Absolutely riveting...If Cheril Clarke never writes another play, (though I hope she writes many more) this one effort will ensure her a place in theater history.
- Tobias Grace
    Out IN Jersey Magazine

"ASYLUM is fearless. The play is not afraid of its sexuality; not afraid to make bold statements about a male-dominated society in Uganda...not afraid to stand up for what is right. It is honest and earnest. ASYLUM is unapologetic and incredibly human. It is the loud shout of an artist that we need to address a massive injustice happening in our world, in our own time."
-Dante Robinson, Phindie
It is a piercing story, revealing real-life consequences and survival.
- Jayme del Rosario
    GO Magazine